king do way 82Ft/25M Drip Irrigation Kits Garden Watering System with Y Valve,20 Misting Nozzles 10 Drip Emitters 10 Dripper DIY Mist Cooling Irrigation System for Greenhouse, Patio, Lawn

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KING DO WAY Irrigation SystemKING DO WAY Irrigation System


All of the dripper and nozzle are adjustable

Flexible and Adjustable Flow

1. With 20 Misting Nozzles: This micro misting nozzles can be adjusted individually.

Also,this nozzle has two spraying modes, columnar and foggy.

2.With 10 Drip Emitters:This drip emitter just like a samll fountain for plant watering.

Max water flow rate is 25 gallons-per-hour.Height 14cm/5inch, fix in place easily.

3.With 10 Dripper: Max water flow rate of our drip emitters is 9 gallons-per-hour,

Height 18cm/7inch,Spray diameter from 0 to 20inch.



Fit for 1/2‘’ and 3/4‘’ Garden Faucet

Upgraded 82ft Irrigation System with Y value:This irrigation system can help you watering your plants and set up a misting system at the same time.

You can do 2 watering activities at once All of the fittings are made from high-quality ABS plastic, can be use for a long time.


【Upgraded 82ft Irrigation System with Y value】:This irrigation system can help you watering your plants and set up a misting system at the same time.You can do 2 watering activities at once. You can divide the water up to 4 tributary,solves perfectly the problem of lack of water or blockage at the end of the water pipe.All of the fittings are made from high-quality ABS plastic, can be use for a long time.It can save up to 80% water savings compared to manual watering.
【2-way connector】:Diffrent from the one way connector, our two-way quick connector can help you splitting water into two directions to increase water flow, reduce water from long-distance pipes and reduce unnecessary problems.Precision watering system delivers just the right amount of water slowly and precisely right where your plant needs it at the root zone.Suitable for most taps.This kit includes 2 types of tap connectors.One is a threaded tap connection for 1/2 “and 3/4″ threaded taps. The
【Adjustable drip irrigation sets and 3 Kinds of Sprayer Mode】:Comes with 20 Misting Nozzles +10 Adjustable Dripper +10 Sprinkler Emitter.Every 360° rotating water spray nozzle could be adjust individually according to its setting and needs.Simply turn the drip irrigation head counter-clockwise to increase the drip flow,or turn the drip head clockwise to decrease the flow.Perfect for decks,patios,greenhouses,gardens,lawns,Perfect for balcony, hanging baskets and vegetable gardens,etc.
【All Accessories provided】:25m 1/4” PVC tube+Handbuch;20pcs Atomizing Nozzle(Green);10pcs Micro Water Dropper(Red);10pcs Dripper Emitter(Blue);1pc Univerasl Faucet Connector;2pcs 1/2″&3/4″ threaded 2-way Hose Connector;1pc Y type tap connector;20pcs 1/4″ Hozzle T-Connector;20pcs 1/4″ Barbed Tee;10pcs x 1/4″ Hose connector;10pcs End closure.This upgrade micro irrigation system can save up to 80% of water than traditional spray heads.
【Installation tips】:We suggest you lay everything out before getting the hot water so everything is already measured and it goes quicker without having to reheat thCustomer Service :If you have any questions about our garden irrigation system, please contact us at the first time and we will try our best to help you.Please notice:there are two adapter in this irrgation system, one is for 1/2” faucet, one is for 3/4” faucet. If your home faucet is 3/4” ,please only use the black 3/4” adapter.

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